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March 27, 2015 - 2015 AD Rate Update Utility is Available

Use this Utility on the I-Suite Server to update attached database(s) to the new 2015 AD Rates. Go to the I-Suite Download Page for more information.

July 20, 2014 - Update Utility is Available to Correct Reference Data Issue Discovered in Version 14.01.03 Database

Use this Utility to update the Kind Code table to fix an issue where all resources were categorized as "Direct" and "Line Overhead" in database version 14.01.03. This only affects databases created using the ISuite Blank in the 14.01.03 Server installations. Go to the I-Suite Download Page for more information.

To check your database version, select Help and About on the I-Suite Server Main Menu .

Corrects the following issue: All Resources are being categorized as Direct and Line Overhead. This reference data issue only affects Cost Reports, Cost Projections and the IAP ICS-204 line overhead filter.

It is also necessary to download a new I-Suite Blank Database for future use.

June 9 , 2014 - Version 14.01.03 Release is Available

The primary focus of this release is to update reference data, including the 2014 AD Rates and to address a few minor defects. Go to the I-Suite Download Page for more information. Please review the release notes and release notice prior to installing.

January 28, 2014 - Version 14.01.00 Release is Available

The primary focus of this release is to replace the collection of the Social Security Number (SSN) with the Employee Common Identifier (ECI) for casual (AD) employees.  The ECI is a unique 10 digit number that will be issued to casual employees from their agency’s payment center during the annual or new casual hiring process.  For more information on the transition from SSN to ECI for casual employees download the NWCG Memorandum - Reference Number 014-2013. A change to the ROSS import process is also necessary to prepare for a potential change in the ROSS import file format in Cognos (ROSS reporting tool).  A major defect causing dropped time postings is also addressed in this release.  Go to the I-Suite Download Page for more information. Please review the release notes and release notice prior to installing.

**The transition to ECI requires special consideration when determining whether to apply the upgrade mid-incident. Please read the I-Suite 14.01.00 Release Notes for important information!

May 24 , 2013 - Windows 7 Computers Running I-Suite Version 12

I-Suite running on Windows 7 computers are experiencing frequent application crashes. Running I-Suite in Windows XP SP 3 compatibility mode seems to resolve the issues. However, other users have had better success using Windows XP SP 2 compatibility mode. Please refer to the Windows 7 Quick Reference Card for instructions on how to set up the compatibility mode on Windows 7 Machines.

March 6, 2012 - Injury Illness Module File Upload

The I-Suite Injury Illness data for 2011 was recently consolidated into an excel spreadsheet and provided to the NWCG Risk Management Committee (RMC). During this process, it was discovered that several incidents had used the Injury Illness but did not export and upload the Injury Illness data file. Just a reminder when the IMT is using the Injury Illness module the data needs to be exported and uploaded at team transition and incident closeout. For information on the export and upload process, see the Data Repository Quick Reference Card on the User Support page.

July 6, 2011- Important Information for I-Suite use in Terminal Session (Thin Client/Remote Desktop)

We have had several reports of the backup files getting corrupted during the encryption process when running I-Suite in Terminal Session (Thin Client/Remote Desktop). This appears to only be an issue when all users are logging in using the (LOCAL)\ISuite2 instance. A document has been drafted that provides instructions on how to utilize the client mode of I-Suite for all non-admin users which will allow the backups to create correctly. Visit the Bugs and Tips page or click here to view the document.

June 2, 2011 - I-Suite Issue on Server Machine

A new issue has been identified on the I-Suite Server. If the Host/Computer name is changed after the installation of I-Suite, some modules may not operate correctly. It appears at this point that it is only the IAP Module that is affected.. If you are experiencing issues deleting, saving or editing IAP forms this may be the cause. Solution: Rename computer back to the name at the time of installation or reinstall I-Suite on the server machine. Client versions are not affected by this issue. Refer to the Bugs and Tips page for more information.

February 2, 2009 - e-ISuite: The next generation of I-Suite

The e-ISuite system is a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) enabled I-Suite application for use at the Incident Command Post (ICP) and in agency offices to manage emergency incidents and planned events. To learn more about the next generation of I-Suite, check out the e-ISuite link (now in the left navigation) which will direct you to the Incident Based Automation (IBA) website.

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