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Important Information Regarding the Use of Agency Laptops for I-Suite Training Sessions 4/24/2007

A concern has been brought to the attention of the I-Suite Team regarding a requirement to change the system date on training machines.  Apparently changing the system date is causing a conflict with some applications that use local licensing i.e. ArcGis.  Until the situation has been resolved, it is recommended that instructors and training coordinators use caution when using agency machines to conduct I-Suite training.  If re-imaging training machines is not an option following I-Suite Training, consider the following:

  • Use rental machines for I-Suite training sessions
  • Do not use the 2007_Training database and create your own database during the training session.  (Instructors will need to adjust the dates in the training material to represent the current date range.)

I-Suite Training Material Version 13.01.00

Instructors - Check out this Training Preparation document to help you prepare for and conduct an I-Suite Training Session.

Unit 1 - Introduction

Unit 2 - Database Administration

Unit 3 - Data Administration

Unit 4 - Resources

Unit 5 - Demob

Unit 6 - IAP

Unit 7 - Time

Unit 8 - Cost

Unit 9 - Custom Reports

Unit 10 - Supply (Under Development)

Unit 11 - Injury and Illness




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