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Date Module Description Solution / Work-around
6/12/2013 N/A Cannot connect I-Suite Client to I-Suite Server after Windows Firewall has been disabled or exceptions have been created.

A secondary firewall may be installed as part of the anti-virus software.

Disable the secondary firewall/or create the necessary exceptions in the anti-virus firewall to run I-Suite.

6/12/2013 Resources/Cost Check-in date and/or Assign displays 01/01/1900 on ROSS imported Strike Team after changing status to Checked-in (C).

This happens when the status of a resource is changed to "C" and saved without the user adding a check-in date.

Fix: The user must edit each subordinate record to correct the check-in date and the assign date.

*Testing of a patch to resolve this issue is in progress.

9/12/2012 Time

Partial Pay OF-286 Invoices not exported can be accidentally deleted when processing subsequent invoice.

If the user attempts to print a "draft" OF-286 and clicks Cancel on the Print screen, the previous invoice will be deleted if it was not part of the export process.

Invoices that export must meet the following criteria:

Agency = PVT and Jurisdictional Agency or Payment Agency = to FS

Once the user has selected a "Draft" invoice to print, do not click Cancel, proceed with Printing the draft.

If a Original OF-286 was inadvertently deleted follow the steps below

1. Recreate the partial payment that was deleted as an Original Invoice.

2. Create the subsequent payment as an Original Invoice.

*Fixed in Version 13.01.XX

7/7/2012 Resources Number of Personnel is incorrectly updating during the ROSS import process: i.e. Import a crew with 20 members and the number of personnel is set to 20. On a subsequent import, the same crew has two new members in the file. When the import is complete, the Number of Personnel is changed to 2.

Continually monitor the Number of Personnel on resources with subordinates.

*Fixed in I-Suite Patch 12-1

7/7/2012 Time/Contractor Post Invalid guarantee amounts are randomly being attached to Rates on Contract .Resources.

Frequently review the Contractor Rates on the Time Edit tab for Contract resources. If an invalid rate is displaying, highlight the rate and delete. Any postings associated with the invalid rate will also need to be deleted.and re-posted.

*Attempts were made to identify and correct the problem in I-Suite Patch 12-1. Further testing is necessary to validate if the issue has been resolved.

7/7/2012 DB Admin/Backups Auto backups running every 1-2 minutes. It appears to be an issue when backups are set to save to a location other than "Drive:"\Backups.

-Close I-Suite Server
-Delete the ISuite.ini file from
C:\Program Files\ISuite directory
-Log into I-Suite and set the backups to a valid directory.

*Fixed in I-Suite Patch 12-1

6/6/2012 Time/Contractor Post The Hire Time on the Contract Resource Add/Edit screen is being removed after posting time and running the Cost process

Edit the Resource and reenter the hire time just before generating the original invoice.

*Fixed in I-Suite Patch 12-1

3/4/2012 Data Admin/Cost After adding a new Kind Code in Data Admin, a rate for the new Kind Code may need to be established in the Cost Rates area of the Cost Module, Coordinate with the Cost Unit when adding new Kind Codes in Data Admin
7/6/2011 Database Admin Backup files are running sporadically and/or files are corrupt.

Do Not detach the working database if you detect a problem. Contact the helpdesk and request immediate escalation to an I-Suite SME.

*If running Thin Clients or Remote Desktop, click here to read the I-Suite Terminal Session document.

6/2/2011 IAP/Server Install

Receiving multiple errors when attempting to delete, save or edit IAP forms. It the Host/Computer name is changed after the installation of I-Suite, some modules may not operate correctly. It appears at this point that it is only the IAP Module that is affected.

Note: This is not an issue if the database is moved from one machine to another. It is only an issue if the I-Suite Server name was changed after I-Suite was installed.

Rename computer back to the name at the time of installation or reinstall I-Suite on the server machine
10/29/2010 All If the "Status" column is removed from the grid view on the options screen, an error will occur when attempting to save an edited resource. Do not remove the "Status" column from displaying on any grid views.
9/14/2009 Cost Reports

The Accumulative Cost Report is combining Cost data when the Resource Name is the same.

Make sure all Resource Names are unique i.e., Enterprise lic# 123456 Enterprise lic# 654321. If both resources are just named Enterprise, they will be combined on the cost report.

4/27/2009 Database Administration The ROSS Import file may not be correctly created when a browser other then Internet Explorer is used. Always use Internet Explorer when using the ROSS Import.
8/26/2008 Data Administration Only add accounting codes to the incident to which the accounting code is assigned. Detail: If the user needs to track costs/post time to multiple incidents, add the incident data then the associated accounting code, Adding just the accounting code to the incorrect incident causes inaccurate cost reporting, and data integrity concerns. Add the full incident information for all accounting codes and utilize the Manage as One function is I-Suite to post time to the appropriate incident.
7/17/2008 Cost Cost will not calculate correctly if a daily deduction exceeds the amount earned per day. (The Cost module will not accept negative daily costs, therefore will ignore the deduction if it exceeds the daily amount earned.)

This will be addressed in a future release.

*Fixed in I-Suite Patch 12-2




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